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Monday, January 11, 2010

She said WHAT?!

Last week my husband I were flipping through the channels and happened to land on the Jay Leno show. Kim Kardashian, a reality show star, was being interviewed and, seeing as there was nothing else on, we just decided to watch it. Apparently she's now a germ-a-phob and shared her recent experience on a plane. There was a five-year-old on the plane and he allegedly coughed right in her face. She turned to the kid's parents and said "Can you teach your child to cover his mouth?"



I can't believe she had the gall to say this to the kid's parents. I try to be very considerate when I'm out with my kids where ever we might be, apologizing if I bump someone or excusing myself when I'm pushing my colossal stroller through a crowded store. So, if this was my kid and I saw it, I would have apologized right away, reminded my kid to cover his mouth, offered hand sanitizer, etc. Even so. If someone told me to "teach my kid to cover his mouth", I probably would have fired back some very inappropriate response, which I'm sure would have inevitably made the rest of our flight rather uncomfortable. As parents, we're most always embarrassed by the things our kids wait until we're in public to do, but to say something TO the parent, which is, quite frankly, insulting to their actual parenting, is something I never would have done and would never do. I mean, you think it to yourself, of course (as I'm sure we all do when we're around someone else's unruly kids), but never voice it out loud. As a mom, I try to teach my two-year-old manners but, well, he's TWO and doesn't always remember, as I'm sure it was the case with this little boy. It's alright. Someday she'll have kids and she'll have someone say something like that to her and she'll be offended and will go on another talk show describing how "people without kids just don't get it". Have you ever had someone say something to you? Please share...

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