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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quit your griping...

Could it have BEEN any longer since I've posted? To be fair, things have been very busy around here, as we've been on the house hunt (and put in an offer on a short sale - we're waiting to hear back!), a trip to Arkansas for my great-grandfather's 99th birthday, and starting up my photography business. I've lamely tried to have my random thoughts posted on my Facebook page but it's just no excuse for an honest-to-goodness blog entry. It's my goal to post more often, so for those who follow this blog, there will be something to actually read!

So here we are.

As it's the Christmas season, we've had more get-togethers with friends and I'm at our church a lot more for Sunday School Christmas program rehearsals. As a result I have been around a lot of moms...and their complaints. Complaints about no time for themselves, no adult interaction, and no peace. As a mom of two (son I, 3 years and daughter J, 17 months), I know I'm not nearly as busy as mothers of three or more and can't imagine how hectic things can get once kids are in school. I know that many mothers work and have very limited amounts of time to get errands and other "chores" done while I am very fortunate to stay at home and can get things done while the kids are napping and can run out with them during the day.

But you know what? I don't want to hear it.

I don't want to hear your complaints. I'm sorry you're stressed and even as a mother of only two young children, I know that you need time to yourself so you don't get burned out - we all do (yes, me too!). But I'm done with it. Perhaps I'm being a bit rash in that I know different families have different needs and there are very different situations. I know a rested happy mommy is a good mommy and yes, moms deserve time to do things they want (dads do too!) so just do it and be done with it. I'm just so tired of hearing moms talk about how they're so busy with their kids and have no time to themselves. That they've "lost their identity" and that they don't "know who they are anymore". Sorry if that all sounds mean or just super bitchy, but if I hear one more mother complain about having no time to do what they want or being with their kids all week by themselves (because, YEAH, I am too), I'm going to lose it. I will give one "bye" - my friend C. who has six kids. That lady gets a medal and a lifetime free pass to a spa.

Please note: this rant is only in response to complaints I've heard from mothers in my various circles of life and I promise - all are in situations in which there is a very loving father/husband involved who is able and willing to give these moms a break. This post is purely for entertainment purposes. I know that there are situations in which mothers become depressed or even threats to their children's safety as well as their own because of feeling overwhelmed, stretched too thin, and/or have a husband/extended family who is not willing to help out. I hope that any woman in this situation can find the help she needs to keep herself and her children safe.