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Monday, March 15, 2010

The time has come...

Don't let the smiling frog toilet fool you. I am now in a new sort of personal hell: we've started my two-year-old son potty training. It's only Day 4 and he's doing great but I'M the one who's all panic-y and breaking out in a sweat every five minutes. My son can be pretty laid back about changes and potty training is no different. He has no problem going 1 or 2 in his little toilet but when he's wearing his training underpants, he just goes and doesn't tell us (unless it's a particularly uncomfortable number 2). Therefore, we've gone ahead to the "no pants" training method while at home so there's no nice little place for him to go. He's done well with it as he goes to his toilet when he feels like he needs to, he goes, proudly tells us, we wash hands, and he gets to put a sticker on his board. But seeing him run around without pants on has me watching him like a hawk to make sure a little bare bottom doesn't try to sit on my couch or that my wood floors stay dry. Any potty training stories to share?

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