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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Room for four more in the delivery room?

This is a new show on MTV that I love. It's a show about four guys who ask "What do you want to do before you die?" They made up their own list and travel all around, attempting to cross off each item and in addition, help a stranger with something they want to do. The most recent episode was "Deliver a Baby". They sit in with a couple about to have their first baby. Don't worry, an actual ob/gyn delivered the baby and the guys were just in the room helping to count while the mom was pushing. You can click here to see the episode. As a mom of two, it was so fun to see these guys' reactions to being in a delivery room and actually seeing the baby once he was born (one guy was particularly nervous, which made me laugh out loud). They had tears in their eyes and dropped jaws at seeing this tiny little baby that wasn't there one second and there the next. It just goes to show how the birth of a baby is such an amazing experience, even if you're not the parent. I'm mostly impressed with the mom who 1) let these four guys in the delivery room with her and 2) that she looked pretty fabulous right after she gave birth.

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